La Mancha Glass Gardens, located on the Anclote River, in Tarpon Springs, Florida is the one acre Display Garden and Studio of Julian and Karin Mesa.  Founded as La Mancha Mesa Inc. in the 70’s, Julian has been producing decorative carved and etched glass for 40 years. Julian’s original studio began in Northern California, moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico and then to Florida.


When Julian entered the field of glass carving it was in its infancy. This craft developed and expanded behind a few pioneers, like Julian. For some of these groundbreakers their expertise in design and fabrication has kept their work at the level of a fine art form. This is the level of quality that you’ll find in the decorative glass of Julian and Karin Mesa, who have worked as partners for over 20 years.

The scope of work since the studio was founded has been wide and quite varied. From decades of individual commissions, residential and commercial applications, religious themes and hospitality installations has come the experience to confidently proceed with new projects for any client on a custom designed project.

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Because of our policy is to deliver in a timely manner, a final product that exceeds our customer’s expectations, the Studio has had many repeat     clients. As an example, for eighteen years Marriott International designated La Mancha Mesa Inc. as the decorative glass provider on the blueprints for every Marriott Resort worldwide. The art glass of La Mancha Glass Gardens can also be found in residences across the United States, 3 major library installations (Tarpon Springs and Clearwater FL and Blackshear GA.), Marriott Resorts and restaurants internationally, Nikko Hotel, San Francisco, Hyatt Regency Resorts nationally, and churches of several denominations nationally.

Prospective clients are welcome make an appointment to visit La Mancha Glass Gardens, tour the studio and meet the artists. 

An Aesthetic Destination……

La Mancha Glass Gardens is an aesthetic destination in Tarpon Springs, Florida. An acre of oaks and orchids form a backdrop for the outdoor display of carved glass. Clients can stroll the garden paths and discuss their design ideas as part of the creative process. The indoor gallery showcases carved glass screens, mirrors and lighted sculptural glass items. 

We believe that art is a conversation. It begins as we listen to a client's vision for their project, and then work with them to make it a reality. Each individual commission, on completion, will produce a piece of carved or etched glass art that will speak to you, the client. We always intend that your response will be "it is more than I ever expected".

Each commission is a unique experience for us that has, over our 35 year history, always ensured that we grow as artists. 

We hope that the pages of this site will initiate a conversation with you about your own vision for a piece of glass art.

We look forward to hearing from you.

To request a quote or more information please contact us using the form below. 

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